At Stargirl Organic we take pride in everything that we do. Our soaps have several advantages over commercial produce soaps. Our soaps are made with natural plant based ingredients and essential oils know hash chemicals. Our soaps have beautiful fragrances that you will love.

We sell all-natural soap, body butter and much more, our shop is dedicated to making the best scents, using the best materials, to make sure that your skin is healthy and well taken care of, feels good to the touch- and smells amazing!

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Body Scrub

Exfoliate your skin with out body scrub 


Your room with will amazing 

  • Essential Healing Oils

    The original Healing Oil can be use in so many ways. In a short time you can you can achieve thicker, stronger & longer hair. It will help fill bald patches, add body to thin, lifeless and brittle hair!  For ALL hair types, you can also renew sparse eyelashes & eyebrows, remove unsightly moles, warts and much more with this timeless multi-purpose healing oil.

  • Organic Body Butters

    Shea butter is fat that has been extracted from shea tree nuts. Most shea butters come from shea trees in West Africa. Rich in vitamins A and E that repair and protect the skin, and also has essential fatty acids that boost collagen production and has shown anti aging properties. It is especially good at keeping the skin moisturized in the colder winter months. It has also be shown to sooth eczema, psoriasis, and rashes

  • Organic Soap Bars

    We are commited to using natural ingredients only, and we still keep this commitment. We use only certified organic base oils in our soaps. We scent with essential oils or other plant extracts only.